Prospective buyer questionnaire






Home Phone:  

Work Phone:  

Cell Phone:  

E-mail address:  


 Why do you want a dog?

Are you acquiring a dog for yourself or for someone else?

             If for someone else, are they aware of your intentions, or is the dog to be a surprise?  If the dog is a surprise how do you know the person will want the German shepherd?

If you are married, how does your spouse feel about the addition of a German Shepherd?

Do you have children living with you or visiting regularly?  

             If yes, please note gender and ages.

             How do they feel about the addition of a German Shepherd?

             Are you prepared to teach any resident or visiting children the proper way to conduct themselves around dogs?

Who in your family will be primarily responsible for:

             daily care of the dog

             clean up



             vet and food bills

How would you describe your household activity level?  

             Very quiet

             Rather easygoing

             Usually something going on

             Lots of activity

How did you learn about German Shepherds?  

             Why do you want a German Shepherd?

Have you considered other breeds?  

             If yes, what breed(s) and why?

For each dog you currently own, please list the following:

             Name – Breed or mix – Sex – Age – Is pet spayed or neutered?

For each dog you have owned in the past 10 years, please list the following:

             Name – Breed or mix – Sex – Age – Was pet spayed or neutered? – Why do you no longer own the animal?  

             (If deceased, please give age at death and cause of death.)

Do you have other pets?  

             If yes, please list and describe

Have you read any dog health or training books?  

             If yes, please list, and describe your general thoughts about these books?

Have you or anyone in your household ever been charged with animal cruelty or had any animal taken away from you or any member of your household for suspicion of animal cruelty?

             If yes, please explain.

Have you or any person in your household ever been suspended privileges by the American Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club, the Canadian Kennel Club, or any other such club?

             If yes, please explain.

Have you or anyone in  your  household ever been convicted of a crime?  If yes, please explain.


Do you live in:



             mobile home


             other (describe)

In which type of area is your home located?




Are there any dog restrictions or laws in your area?  

Have you checked into local ordinances in your area pertaining to owning/housing an animal (e.g., leash laws, required vaccinations, dog licenses, etc.)?  

Are you willing to comply?

Do you own your home or are you renting?  

NOTE:  If you rent, a signed letter from your landlord stating that dogs are permitted on his/her property must be received before a puppy will be placed with you.  The Breeder reserves the right to contact the landlord before placing any puppy.  

             Please provide your landlord’s contact information:





Where will the dog spend most of its time?  

             Where will the dog be when you are away?  

             How long each day will the dog be alone?   

             Where will the dog be when you are at home?   

             Where will the dog sleep?

Have you ever used a crate in housetraining a puppy or dog?  

             Do you intend to use a crate for this dog?

What will you do with the dog when you go on a vacation trip?

In the event of emergency (e.g., hospitalization, natural disaster, etc.), who would take care of your dog?  

             If you have to be away from home for a few days and are unable to take the dog, what arrangements will you 

             make to provide for its care?

When you travel with the dog, where will he/she ride?

How do you envision a dog fitting into your home (schedule, indoor/outdoor activities, exercise, etc.)?

Do you have a fenced yard?

             If yes, size of yard, type and height of fencing.

             If no, please explain what arrangements you will provide for housebreaking and for safe and adequate exercise.

If you were to move, what would happen to your dog?


 Are you interested in a puppy, an older pup, or an adult dog?

Do you prefer a male or female?

Please describe any physical attributes that are of particular importance to you in the puppy/dog you are seeking at this time?

Do you prefer a pet/companion dog or a show/performance dog?

Are you prepared to spay/neuter your dog, or are you interested in breeding?

What are your goals for your dog?  

             Breeding                     Conformation/Showing          Obedience                    Rally

             Agility                            Flyball                                        Therapy Dog                 Assistance Dog

             Herding                       Tracking                                     SAR                                Messenger Dog

             Schutzhund                Other (specify)

What do you expect of your German shepherd ?

Please describe any character attributes that are of particular importance to you in the puppy/dog you are seeking at this time?

What do you expect of your dog’s breeder?


 Are you aware of the grooming requirements of the German Shepherd?

             Are you prepared to spend the required time grooming your German Shepherd?

In addition to the normal routine at home, what activities will your German shepherd have?

             Walk routinely with a family member

             Go to classes

             Compete in dog shows or performance events

             Go to your place of business with you

             Travel with you

             Be a playmate for your children or pets

             Other (specify)

Have you ever trained a dog?  Attended training classes?

             If yes, please describe how you trained and what commands were taught.

Are you aware of the SOCIALIZATION AND TRAINING requirements of the German Shepherd?

Are you prepared to spend time SOCIALIZING AND TRAINING your German Shepherd?   

How do you intend to obedience train your German shepherd ?   

             On your own?

             With a club/trainer?

Do you belong to any dog or dog sports club(s)?  

             If yes, please list.

Have you ever experienced any behavior problems with past or present pets?  

             If yes, how did you handle those problems?


 Are you prepared for the responsibility of caring for this dog for its entire life (10-16 years)?  

May I or my representative visit your home?  

   If no, why not?

Please add any additional information or thoughts that you feel would help me to understand you as a potential German Shepherd owner and the home you can offer the dog.

What questions do you have for me?


If you have a veterinarian, please provide contact information below





Please supply two references (dog trainers, German shepherd owners, friends, neighbors, etc.—not including immediate family) who know you well enough to recommend you as a good dog owner.





    Relationship to you





   Relationship to you

By signing this questionnaire, I affirm that all statements made above are true to the best of my knowledge.  (If you are submitting this form via e-mail, please type your name in the signature line.  I will require a signed copy before placing a puppy.)