Tip: use very small pieces of treats when training. I have ALWAYS given larger treats or higher value treats for recall.  And PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE!  Make it like a party when theycomeback to you.   It is very important for your dog to want to come back to you when called.  I like PureBites treats, 1 ingredient, multiple flavors, can break into super small treatsthatare still very tasty.  You don’t want your dog getting full from too many treats while training. Break into small pieces.  Another useful item is a treat pouch.  There aremultiplestyles, some have phone and zipper pouch also.  I would put mine on when I got dressed until I put pup in crate for bed. Anytime they did a behavior that was favorable they got a supersmalltreat.  

I have worked very hard and can’t tell you how much time I have put into finding my dogs and finding a stud. My family and I have ensured these pups are being raised well, lots of love andpositiveinteraction with people and animals.  When you get your pup you will be molding it into the dog it will become. Whatever experiences you give your dog or lack of positiveexperience/situationswill make your pup into a well rounded, well behaved dog or make it into a scared or aggressive dog.  Please do your homework, understand their development and what isexpected of you asresponsible owners.  My biggest fear is having to take a dog back because it was not raised correctly and will have to go through extensive training to try to correct what’s been donewrong. Which is not always possible.